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Ryan Adams is playing live music again!

Northern Wish

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Setlists yes, shows no.

Here is the most recent from Portugal on June 16:

Oh my sweet Carolina


Don't fail me now

Please do not let me go

If I am a stranger

Everybody knows

NYNY on piano

New song: 'Invisible Riverside'

200 more miles (Cowboy Junkies cover)

This house is not for sale

16 days

New song: 'Shadow in the light'?

English Girls approximately

Strawberry Wine


Come pick me up


New Song: 'Promise'

New Song: 'Come home'

And Denmark on June 14:

01. Oh My Sweet Carolina

02. Carolina Rain

03. Invisible Riverside

04. If I Am A Stranger

05. Jacksonville Skyline

06. This house is not for sale

07. Halloween

08. New York, New York

09. Dancing with the woman at the bar

10. Everybody knows

11. Two

12. Sweet Illusions


14. September

15. Sylvia Plath


16. Let it Ride

17. New Song (Shadow of the light)

18. 16 Days

6.13 in Sweden

01. Oh My Sweet Carolina

02. Don't Fail Me Now

03. Firecracker

04. Damn Sam (I Love a Woman That Rains)

05. I Taught Myself How to Grow Old

06. New York, New York

07. Invisible Riverside


09. Dirty Rain

10. Winding Wheel

11. If I Am A Stranger

12. Let it Ride

13. Desire

14. Cannonball days

Encore: 6 new songs......

15 Straight... ("you go sailing through the sky"+ ghosts ... something)

16 Ashes and fire ("and the river she cried")

17 Shadow in the light ("we didn't ... she never coming back, like we did, waited all night"...) ---> John C.: may be Shining Thru The Dark which he played at that LA benefit

18 Take...high ("talking about the chains of love")

19 Wild and young ("remember ... wild and young...")

20 Come home ("we built this house")

(songtitles of the new songs from Tomtom's notes, per Slowburn)

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That would certainly explain the lack of recordings.

This is in the notes on the 6.11 show from the LMA:

"Recording wise, those mk4's sound great. Vocals and guitar are clear with great clarity. Little to no audience noise. Ryan has an issue with cell phone recording, as do I. But stealthing a show has no effect on the rest of the audiences experience. I'm sure he just doesn't want the new songs getting out...."

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Dear RAA members,

Over the years we have all come to love and treasure recordings of Ryan's live shows. RAA was formed with the intent of providing recordings by and for its members. Prior to the current Europe solo tour, Ryan Adams decided to no longer allow taping by the public. It is not clear whether this is a temporary or permanent decision by Ryan. While this of course comes as a disappointment to us all, it is our hope we will still have the opportunity to hear the shows one way or another. In the meantime, we hope members will continue to use RAA to discuss current shows, Ryan's music and download and listen to past shows. We will provide more information as it becomes available to us. Thanks for your continued support of RAA.

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