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"That's not a road we're going down, the people we're seeing [downtown], they're in their early 20s and I think back in '94 those people were three or four years old. It's a different atmosphere around here" - Before the game, Vancouver police spokesman Const. Lindsey Houghton predicts there won't be trouble if the Canucks NHL team lost the Stanley Cup.

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some of these kids look like they are marketing damage

this is new

can i make money off this?

never got the chance to riot as a kid ya know

i think a couple of houses got wrecked back in the day

never got to riot though

let's get these kids signed and they can go stupid shit national


well international would be tough

we just don't riot enough in ontario

toronto was a start but shit they asked for it there was no riot then police response then riot response thing

it was police response to nothing then riot

i guess i don't really want a riot in ottawa

there is more than enough security already

don't need rile that up

and it's only an hour and a half to montreal

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