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Congrats Esau


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Thanks Booche, I just love the game, hence why I never really shit-talk, cry about hits/penalties or whine about the refs/media and always try my hardest to remain neutral when discussing the games. Good hockey, no matter what team, is good hockey & that's what I enjoy the most. I'm a hockey fan first and a Bruins fan second.

I grew up watching the Bruins, as well, the Habs & Leafs. I remember my Dad taking me to Buffalo & Toronto when they would be playing Boston. My first game was in 77 against Toronto at MLG, I still have the leafs flag & program (even got King Clancy & Harold Ballard's autographs!) somewhere. Hell, even my little bro was named after a Bruin (Brad Park), so the black & gold was always our first team. I was too young to remember the last two cups (70 & 72) they won, so it does feel pretty damn good to finally be able to watch my team hoist the cup.

This is the first time I have ever just skipped a concert I had tickets for (DBT in Toronto). I miracled a couple friends with the tickets when I realized the show was the same night as game 7. No way I was missing it, win or lose I was pumped to see it all go down. No regrets.

As for the hangover, not today. I had too much going on this morning to really get into the booze last night, threw back maybe 5 beers total and was sleeping by 1am. Tonight howvere, I will be sporting my Bruins hat and jersey at DBT in Waterloo and will be celebrating proper.

Fuckin' eh. Bruins!







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