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Family Dog lithos via Dead.net


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Yes, Gelaskins beat them to it ;-)

It's kind of cool that these guys are reprinting and selling signed lithos of the original FD posters .

I'm sure that doing the same for the BG series would be more complicated.

My only ish (and it's a tiny one) with the copy on the email I got, is the fact that Wes Wilson was listed last of the "San Francisco 5" ("Rick Griffin, Alton Kelley, Victor Moscoso, Stanley Mouse, and Wes Wilson"). Not a biggie, really, but it's hard to overstate Wes Wilson 's importance to psychedelic art, the history of advertising, and the San Fran scene in the '60s. In the same era, Warhol was constantly drawing parallels between art/advertising, and consumer culture, and Wilson was actually combining the two for real. I often wondered if the two every met and hung out... Apparently they did.

Of course the GD (and The Family Dog) have a fondness for Stanley Mouse and Alton Kelley, but it was actually Wes Wilson who first associated a skeleton with the Dead on an early poster.


I know: seems so obvious now, but this is June of '66 (the band had been gigging as the GD for six months), and Mouse and Kelley came up with this 3 months later...


If you're interested, here's a link to the Family Dog series, and the early Fillmore series, and it's so obvious where that vibe comes from, taking Art Nouveau, and dipping it in some LSD... It was practically all Wes Wilson for quite a stretch, defining the direction before anyone else was on board.

I've got this one in my living room, and it's powerful. Everyone who comes by, old or young, 'turned on' or not, can't help but notice and comment on it...


Some more to check...

Retro Art Club Blog

Time Magazine Article

I love the work of all these guys, I'm just partial to Wes Wilson, and think he really deserves props above and beyond. Just my humble $0.02, as usual.


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