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Your Top 5 songs you want to hear at SBIX...


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Let's see who gets their songs they most want to hear... obviously we know the ones that are in heavy rotation right now... Possum, Bowie, BDTNL etc.

Here are mine in no partucliar order.

1. Sand

2. The Lizards

3. Scents and Subtle Sounds ( With Intro)

4. Steam

5. Walls of the Cave (With Trey not botching the openning like on the last video) :)

There are a tonne of songs that Ive been chasing for years... still havent got my Forbin's>Mockingbird and they just played it again so Im not holding my breath. Im thinking an Alumni Blues and Dog Log may make an appearnace as well.Your thoughts and picks? Getting stoked to leave on Thursday. My Mind needs this weekend.

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Some great suggetions so far...

Contact would make sense... I'd love to hear Shafty, I don't think Phish 3.0 has done it yet. As for a cover... anything from Exile or When the Circus comes to Town, or Albuquerque

On the wishlist before every Phish fest has been a Giant Country Horns set

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