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SMMD-Aug.24&26 w/Nathan Moore, Benevento, Andrew & Brad Barr, Marc Friedman

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a great show and a pleasant diversion from a very stressful week of packing and moving. Great to see a bunch of you, if not all too briefly. We leave for Paris on Monday. As much as I want to go to the folk festival, there are just still too many things to get done. and i desperately need some sleep.

See y'all in two years!

And if you are ever in Paris let me know.

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what a fuggin great night. thanks to EVERYONE that came out and even from Alexandria, Montreal, and where ever the hell Northern Wish has been living. I forget...sorry dude.

I am proud to say that I witnessed Velvet get cut off. His reaction was priceless. "I'm cut off? I just got cut off!" then he went back to being drunk. There was also a fun little adventure after the show, our friends Krissi and Randy had lots of rooms in the giant suite at the Albert at Bay so they offered up beds to the guys. I joined in on marco's van for the ride over...flat tire on bayview, just blocks away from Elmdale. After a couple of hours of entertaining ourselves in the van watching clips from Curb Your Enthusiasm and eating beef jerky, a CAA dude showed up and exclaimed that he couldn't possibly jack the fully loaded van with his jack so they had to leave the van behind until morning when the local garage would be open. No word on how that worked out. I didn't get home until 4:30 am...Randy and Krissi were great hosts.

It must be nice to see fans helping with their insane amount of gear, and with their sleeping arrangements. Those guys deserve all the love that they get.

I took WAY too many photos last night. I'm having a hard time deciding which ones to put online. I hope the recordings came out well too.

edit: just noticed bradm's post of the recording!

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One Sick Knave

Everything Must Go

Summer Of My Fall


To You

Unprotected Sex

When A Woman

Poor Boy**


Roses In Bottles

That's The Way

I'm No Good At All

The Last One Ever****

* There were 2 slow Nathan songs thrown in there somewhere towards the middle/end. No encore, 1 long set (1.5hrs)

** Nathan left the stage leaving BAM + Marco to jam. Brad then left leaving just the MB3 to jam for a while. Brad tries to lead the song into It's A Long Way To the Top but I saw Marc look at him and shake his head no (guess PB was long enough without it).

*** Nathan's mic cut, there was banter between Nathan and the crowd until he fixed it

**** Mid song, Brad walks off the stage and tears and extended solo in crowd. He then brings his mic down into the crowd and has everyone help sing with him. A bunch of fans climb on stage and sing with Nathan. It was a very awesome moment.

I'll have a proper review with pictures up tomorrow.

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Hey Mikey!!!

Is there any posters kicking around for the Ottawa show?

I keep trying to tell Stephie what she missed but words just don't describe.

there were only about 15 printed and they were all used at elmdale. i think a few people grabbed some...not sure if there are any left. send Nat Myles a message on facebook and ask.

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