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SMMD-Aug.24&26 w/Nathan Moore, Benevento, Andrew & Brad Barr, Marc Friedman

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Just to recap what's available for this SMMD run:

August 20, Liberate Fest, Sheldon, VT:


August 21, Parima Thai, Burlington, VT:


There's also video of this one. Set I:


Set II:


There are two recordings of the August 23, La Sala Rossa, Montreal, QC show, mine:


and jibooer's:


And finally, August 24, The Elmdale House Tavern, Ottawa, ON:


I haven't heard of there being any recordings of either of the August 25 show in Toronto, or the August 26 show in Hamilton. Thanks to the band, the venues, Cleantone (for the Vermont stuff), and jibooer for documenting all the fun. Enjoy!



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What an engaging show. They were all over the place. I really wasn't sure how I was going to like Moore contrasted with the rest of the band, but it was great. A few moments that weren't really for me, but so many others that were so deep in the pocket. Very versatile and very fun to move to. Thanks again for bringing these shows to the Hammer briguy!

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Just further on the Marc's a monster tip- it's his role in the creative process that's engaging to see having not seen him influence say the Barr Bros. An interesting thing in general about the Slip in soundcheck and night to night, with the more songwriter oriented later work, is that they constantly revise and tweak versions and renditions. The night of the Toronto show after soundcheck and in the band room Brad jumped into a dialogue with Nathan about Roses (In Bottles) to the effect that he liked it up until this one part (you'll hear it now that I mention it) where it changes and gets 'all emo-y' and that maybe that whole bit should get scrapped or rewritten. Nathan starts to play it, the brothers and he sing it a capella. Marc's kind of making light of the whole thing and doing some rap breakdown.

Then he sort of seriously ventures:

"We could play it better."

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Which part of Roses is 'emo-y', I think live it's a pretty great song, much better than on record. And Brad tore apart the solo section this tour, much better than past versions.

kind of surprised marc isn't playing bass in the barr bros. figured they could have andres stick to keys and have a full time bass player too, could only make things fuller/better

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Which part of Roses is 'emo-y'

His words not mine, I'm going to say it's like post second verse and the mode or style of the song sort of shifts in the composition itself. Notably Brad's take on Nathan's song (?) which amplifies my point a bit about their creative process, in SMMD you have Brad being able to bounce proper song and lyrical ideas off Nathan in a fuller- or just different- way say than with his brother and Marc.

To your second point I don't think there's either the interest or economics for Marc to be a 'Barr Brother'. He seems genuinely to be engaged in his engineering work, what gigs and sessions he does work, and I guess life in New Bedford, Mass.

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