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Levon Helm Band & John Fogerty - Toronto next weekend

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Black Creek Summer Music Festival @ York University Rexall Centre next Saturday

[color:red][color:brown]JOHN FOGERTY and THE LEVON HELM BAND

Sat Jul 16, 7:30pm

One of the best songwriters, performers, hit-makers, award-winners of our time, former Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman John Fogerty is a genuine showman — an entertainer dedicated to the proposition that every audience deserves his very best. The Band’s Levon Helm not only saw the birth of rock and roll, but has had a major role in sustaining it. Most recently he won two Grammys (in 2008 and 2010) and was named one of Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatest Singers of All Time.â€


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too bad its the same night as jimmy buffett, or i would be in for this one!!love levon, and fogerty is a legend himself. sounds like a small venue? i never been there before. hope all that are going, have a great time. already got my jimmy tix, and honestly, there arent too many shows i would skip jimmy to see. a jimmy show to me, is like a dead show full of drunk parents thinking there teenagers. kinda fun to be in the mix, or just sit back and laugh with/at all the funny drunks walking around with coconut bras and cheeseburger hats (oh, and pet parrots too)!! there is a parking lot party comparable to the dead, and one of my highlights is when the go around the parking lot filming all the parrottheads singing "why dont we get drunk and screw" and play it during the so-called intermission, on the giant screens. but nonetheless the show is what i go for, as it is up there with some of the best shows ive ever seen(and ive seen 50+ dead shows and hundred others). i dont drink anymore, but i know if i did, i woulda been a perfect fit for a jimmy show parking lot vendor. there are noooo attitudes and everyone is just there to have as good as a time as possible!! if you go, mingle with people as they are very friendly, and dont be shy to set up a little "camp" in the lot, with barbecues and tiki torches etc. everyone else does.

ooooops sorry. not trying to hijack this thread, just got into a bit of ramblin! i get a little excited once and a while!

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