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HELP - pictures of Jerry Garcia with a banjo


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I'm looking to use a picture of Jerry holding a banjo. The trick is I need to know who took the photo so I can get permission to use it and give credit.

I found this one;

Jerry Garcia on banjo

But I don't know who the photographer is.....does anybody know where I can find the name of the person who took that photo?

Or does anybody know where to find pictures of Jerry with the proper credits given for the photos?


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Not sure who took them or the one your talking about, but here's a couple more to investigate in case you have trouble finding credits.







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Sorry man, as mentioned I don't know who took them. Admittedly, I misread your post when I posted them and then realized what you were actually looking for. I edited the post and added the links where I found them, but I didn't see any credit given to the photographer. Figured they may at least help in case you don't find the credit for the one your looking to use although they may be of no better help.

Sorry about that.

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