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Heavy MTL 2011

mister slippery

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unfortunately this will be a metal free summer for me. If I had the choice though I'd be at HEAVY TO.. better lineup for me (Megadeth, Anthrax, Motorhead, The Sword on Saturday and Slayer, Mastodon, Testament and Anvil on the Sunday.. sweet!)

With the exception of The Sword, all of the others were at Heavy MTL I and II. Plus, Im in Toronto, so Montreal is extra fun for me.

This will be the first summer in forever that I haven't seen Slayer somewhere in the summer. Stuck on 19, waiting for my 20th.

And, finally to finish my rationale for Montreal....

MORBID ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Ha, no worries, I ain't the police or nuttin'.

(you should go, though).

If you do, we're staying at, essentially, St. Laurent and Sherbrooke, so super easy.

(There's just no way that you want to miss Morbid Angel, even if the new disc's a bit sh*te. That being said "Blades for Baal" and "Nevermore" are decent enough. "Chapel of Ghouls" and "Where the Slime Live" will make up for any industro-techno foolishness.)

And, Annihilator? Ever seen em live? So worth it!!



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lemme ask you guys this- how does one thrash out if you don't have long hair? I feel like you gotta be swirling that sh!t into a vortex of hellishness in order to really enjoy yourself

maybe that's how mosh pits evolved

Just lower yer head, think unkind thoughts, and charge.

Seriously, gotta say it's weekends like this I miss having long hair.

The heat on the other hand, well, glad to have no hair now.


(Baldly) Thrashing like a maniac.

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