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Jay Funk Dawg

Aug 25 SURPRISE ME MR DAVIS: + Freeman Dre & Spookey Ruben @ HORSESHOE

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I'm trying to come down from Cloud 10. Just an unparalleled display of musicianship, dynamics, songwriting and solidarity. Don't know the repertoire all that well, trying to piece together the setlist.

I think they wrote the first half of a setlist and went off the script from there.

The opener was something like Tombstone (sic.?), maybe Grey Thing is the next title, one they were working on the harmonies for right before they went on Knave (or I Am A Knave), maybe Everything Must Go was after that, Sissyfuss with the epic jam, Summer of My Fall, a monstrous Poor Boy (which Guigsy and I both admitted to not liking as a song but this version just demolished)... I lose the plot about there.

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One Sick Knave

Everything Must Go

Summer Of My Fall


To You

Unprotected Sex

When A Woman

Poor Boy**


Roses In Bottles

That's The Way

I'm No Good At All

The Last One Ever****

* There were 2 slow Nathan songs thrown in there somewhere towards the middle/end. No encore, 1 long set (1.5hrs)

** Nathan left the stage leaving BAM + Marco to jam. Brad then left leaving just the MB3 to jam for a while. Brad tries to lead the song into It's A Long Way To the Top but I saw Marc look at him and shake his head no (guess PB was long enough without it).

*** Nathan's mic cut, there was banter between Nathan and the crowd until he fixed it

**** Mid song, Brad walks off the stage and tears and extended solo in crowd. He then brings his mic down into the crowd and has everyone help sing with him. A bunch of fans climb on stage and sing with Nathan. It was a very awesome moment.

I'll have a proper review with pictures up tomorrow.

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Spookey sounded great, I really liked his power rock pop sound. They were so tight, it was like they should be playing at a Stadium. I didn't get to see the entire set, I was out getting a Pizza for SMMD.

As for Freeman Dre - they had a good stage presence. The singer is putting on a bit of a voice, which sounds like a smokey Tom Waits type. Their music sounds very irish, maybe wasn't the best fit. Talking to some of the audience, they both had conflicting views on the band, either loving it or hating it.

I was a bit disappointed that the opening bands didn't really draw much, I was really hoping that they would help expose SMMD to some new audiences. But for the most part the audience was the Toronto NuFunk/Jam/Slip fanbase.

I was great to see so many from the board; Amarfy, Guigsy, Zero, Dima, Passed out Guy, Basher, Isamuels etc...

I did record SMMD set, if anyone wants to hear it you can message me or email jay@360degreesartists.com

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