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Hillside 2011


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In! What bands are people pumped to see?

One of the best things about Hillside is not knowing half the bands going in and coming out with a bunch of new favourites!

So far the two bands I was most excited about seeing (Karl D and Hollerado) are playing at the same time.

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denson is also playing a mainstage workshop at 7pm, so you can catch him there and then hollerado at 10pm. hammond b3 being brought in especially for KDTU.

I agree, hillside is like a buffet of known and unknown delights. I plan to wander around for most of the weekend but want to catch all (or just part of) denson, lights, mother mother, dears, sloan, memphis, serena ryder, pop montreal and shannon kingsbury.

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Tungsten also gave me the heads up on a bunch of other acts to keep an eye out for. If he doesn't pop in this thread I will post his picks later in the week. Tungsten usually knows more of the acts then I do and he hasn't steered me wrong yet so I often follow his advice.

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Hehehe I love scoping out Hillside! Year 19 for me! (missed 1999 but going since 1991!)


Chali 2na: Jurassic 5ive lowdown voice dude with a band - Roots-ish

Dears - Hit and miss with this band - seen some great shows, seen some not-so-great shows....

Lights - not my fave style in the current direction but she is hot as hell - Dragonettey... Guess it depends what is in the beertents!

One Hundred Dollars - sounds like Beth Orton or similar spaced out janglerock...could be good, never seen them live.

Midway State - this will probably be BIG - they are a hot new band, great songwriters, high energy poprock - and the lead singer looks like the guy form Entourage - chix diggit.


Dala - 2 cute ladies - might be too folkie but beautiful singers and real easy on the eyes!

Hollerado - fucking awesome. check out their vids online - genius!

Karl Denson - Funkin' Dance Party!

Mother Mother - great band...seenn them tons though so might just pop by -

Sheepdogs - 70's Rawk!

Tacoma Hellfarm Tragedy - they've killed it at Hillside before - reminds me of Dr. Dog alot...

Shad - great CAD hiphop


Adverteyes - local band from two other cool local bands - psyche rocky

Braids - finally some synths! trippy poptastica

GangaGiri - here's the dance party - organica? dunno what its called these days...drum machines and didgeridoos

Gobble Gobble - Woodhands meets Caribou electronic band - only heard a few tracks but sounds very cool!

Sloan - I've made it this far in life without seeing them...time to catch up to my Carlsberg(Sleeman?) years...

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I'm in! I don't know a ton of the bands this year. Looking forward to seeing KDTU again as well as Seun Kuti, seeing a lot of bands that I've heard (or heard alot about) but have never seen, and lots of others that I've just never heard of at all. Should be a great weekend as usual.

Edit: Looking forward to seeing Doug Paisley too!

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Can't wait, got two campsites right next to each other for 14 of us. My buddy is the singer in Sweet thing, good pop rock and Shannon Kingsbury is my friends sister so looking forward to checking her band out aswell. See you all there!

funny - I know Owen as well and the girl that sits next to me at work is married to the guitarist. Looking forward to seeing them...

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