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Grand Bend and Area tips?

Northern Wish

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I just signed papers that will result in my working out of the Grand Bend area for the next little while.

I'm going to be doing the drive from Ottawa to Grand Bend and back more than a few times, and wondered if anyone had any cool/ local things to do along that route, nearby or right in Grand Bend?

Especially anything I should be seeing/ eating/ doing on the last leg from Cambridge to Grand Bend. Its at about that point I will be seeking distraction...

Thanks folks!

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Kind of an odd suggestion here but once you get tired of Grand Bend, head North of Grand Bend by 20-30 minutes and spend some time in the chill village of Bayfield. Have a bite and a pint and/or some good Whiskey at The Black Dog while you're there.

Spent a good deal of time there in highschool and even though Grand Bend was just up the road we rarely went.

Actually, some mini put would be good in Grand Bend come to think of it, I was thinking about turning the backyard into a mini put course on the way home for some strange reason.


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Well if you are looking for places to eat here are a couple...I did a quick Google map search and it looks like you may be going through Stratford. If so check out Boomers Gourmet Fries ( Map).

Obviously good fries, but also burgers. And the owner is pretty hilarious. Pretty much just a counter, but definitely a great place.

I have a feeling you may already know about most of the Waterloo restaurants, but Ethel's is still a great place for Tex-Mex (plus they have great deals on certain nights - Burgers on Mondays, and super cheap tacos on Tuesdays). Harmony Lunch on King is also a great old school diner (although I haven't been in years).

That's about all I have...don't remember much about Grand Bend itself. It's been years and the memory is foggy.

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