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Rhino to release Smiths remasters


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It's about time. The original WEA cds have absolutely horrible sound quality, and I think the first album had some speed issues or some other problem. Anyway, the price (£34, or about $55) is really quite reasonable for 8 cds. There is also a vinyl version for considerably more money.

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I hear no one at Rhino will be allowed consume anything but organic tofu and soy beverages during the production of this collection.

:D :grin: :D Apparently Morrissey is not involved in the project in any way. Johnny Marr oversaw the remastering. I expect that Morrissey will step forward soon and declare the entire thing to be a pile of shit, or to go to court to find some new way to keep Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke from seeing a dime of the profits.

In a tofu-related topic though, Morrissey is making himself well-liked again with comments such as these.

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