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We like Pho Bo Ga 2 @ Rochester and Somerset. I always get the Special A, beef saté, shrimp, bbq pork with rice noodle. Bit of heat and yes very filling.

Pretty damn salty though but that's par for the course I think.

You can get the flavouring in bags that are like tea bags, Crystal makes a huge pot of it from time to time for about $5-6

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Saigon Boy for sure man. Not sure what you like but my favourites are:

#32 - wonton with egg noodle (delicious chicken broth)

#15 - rare beef, beef flank, beef brisket with rice noodle (incredible beef broth)

#42 - spring roll, grilled pork vermicelli

#50 is a good plate too. Rice, grilled chicken, grilled pork and fried egg (get it runny!)


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Ottawa does the Pho real good!

My fav (back in the day) was this small little place that was across from the asian grocery store just over the bridge on Wellington (?- tough to remember as that street changes names about 4 times). It is in Mechanicsville.

They had a rare beef satay that I used to add big shrimp to. I still miss that place. I wonder if it is still around?

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Any good pho in the hammer? I see tons of places but don't know which to choose.

Pho NV, 52 Cannon Street West, Hamilton, ON (905) 912-1777, is my favourite non Ottawa Pho.

Pho Pasteur is my fav in T.O.

If I'm really hung over the only food I crave is Pho. Especially after an all nighter when nothing else is appealing.

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