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4 dead after stage collapses at Indiana State Fair

Big Wooly Mammoth

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I'm having a hard time understanding how this has happened so frequently this year.

Tungsten explained to me last night that the stages that have been collapsing are the new style that are hoisted into place by a crane with poles going into the ground for support. Most stages used now and in the past decade are a "transformer" type that actually arrive on, and 'grow' out from the tractor trailer.

The weight of both the trailer and the hydraulics give the stage much more strength and these are the ones that have not been falling.

Only the two main stages at Bluesfest were this type, the others were the trailer types and suffered no damage.

I for one, was very very glad to hear this news as I'll literally be on or within 50 yards of the trailer types at Folk Fest for 4 straight days.

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yup - those crane hoisted stages are the culprit in every catastrophe so far - Stick with the Stagelines!! These are the ones that are indesctructible - at Bluesfest i'm 99% sure all the rest of the stages were Stagelines - even the soundbooths/FOH. Here is the big daddy- i think this was the left hand main stage at Bluesfest:

The other problem? 80% of your PA is flown now in line arrays - no more ground stacking. So between that and the lighting rigs(which are big heavy movers now, not light aluminum par cans) you've got all this deadweight that once helped, will pull the whole thing down for you.

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