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Should 11-year-old forfeit $50K he won for miracle hockey shot?


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Should 11-year-old forfeit $50K he won for miracle hockey shot?

An 11-year-old who won $50,000 for a stunning hockey shot may have to forfeit the prize because he was standing in for his twin brother when the would-be contestant's name was called, the Faribault Daily News reports.

It was all part of a raffle at a charity hockey game in Faribault, Minn.

Fans paid $10 for a raffle ticket giving them a chance to send a puck 89 feet down the ice into a 3-and-a-half-inch goal. When Nick Smith's ticket was drawn, he was outside, so his twin brother, Nate, stepped in to take the shot.

When the puck sailed through the tiny goal, the place erupted "louder than a Stanley Cup game," one fan tells KARE-TV.

Nate and Nick's dad, Pat Smith, came forward Friday to tell event organizers that the other brother made the shot, not the one whose name was on the ticket.

"That's the right thing to do," he told KARE.

"Legally, it has to be the person whose name is on the ticket," April Clark, general manager for Odds On Promotions, the tournament insurance carrier, told the Toronto Star. "We really are very careful about explaining that it has to be the person."

An Odds On Promotion human resources representative will research why Nate took the shot for Nick and make the decision, she says.

The Smiths are hopeful -- and have earmarked the money for the twins' college fund.


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My (not exactly earth-shattering) prediction:

The insurance company is not going to pay (and I can't entirely blame them), but the community will pass the hat, perhaps an NHLer will get involved, and these kids will see some money.

Unless, of course, the insurance company decides that fifty grand they don't have to pay is worth it for the good publicity they would get.

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