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89 Things I Learned at the Gathering of The Juggalos


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Well stop by here before you go Booche and I'll give you all my old cancer and back pain meds I may have kickin around here still. You should be able to sell them no problem.

btw - wtf is with the site today, loads halfway and hangs for a bit...

anyone else having that issue? This is the only site pulling that on me.

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James and I lived next to a venue in Denver that regularly hosted juggalo events, and, neeedless to say, it was annoying. Juggalos would gather early in the day and "bark", or whatever it is they do, and trash the area all day and night long in the parking lot next to our place.

One night, (and this was kinda scary), James and I were awoken by what we came to find out was a 16 yo girl who had atttended one of these events. She was crying and banging on our back door. Whe I openend the door, I discovered a teeenager who had no pants on (still had undies) and was begging for us to help her. Apparently, she had gone to the ICP concert and then was persauded into someone's van after the show and they tried to take advantage of her. When she escaped, she ran to our back door (we always leave our porchlight on 24/7 so it wa like a beacon to her). I gave her some clean clothes and calmed her down. She was so messed up it took over an hour to get a right phone number for her family. Finally, she was picked up by her dad, but, anyways, the point is, I would never compare juggalos to the phish community. There's no love, compassion or positive energy associated w/ ICP. Granted, I know this young girl didn't make the right decisions, getting into a stranger's van and all, but I just think that in our community, someone would've stepped up and protacted her. Maybe I'm biased and/or naive, but I feel we look out for each other.

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