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Denver Night One. Sick? Silly? Stupendous?

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Fri, Sep 02, 2011

Dick's Sporting Goods Park

Commerce City, CO

Soundcheck: Jam, My Soul, Timber (jam only), Buffalo Bill

Set 1:

Sample in a Jar


The Sloth

Sweet Virginia

Suskind Hotel

Strange Design


Sneakin' Sally through the Alley >

Sparks >

Scent of a Mule

Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan

Shine a Light

Split Open and Melt

The Squirming Coil

Set 2:

Sand >

Simple >

Steam >

Soul Shakedown Party >

Seven Below >

Suzy Greenberg >

Scents and Subtle Sounds >

Slave to the Traffic Light >

Silent in the Morning >


Sweet Adeline



Notes: This show was brought to you by the letter "S." Sparks was played for the first time since 11/29/96 (463 shows). Sweet Adeline was played for the first time since 8/1/99 (285 shows). Sabotage was played for the first time since 11/21/98 (318 shows).

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just to add, this was a bizarre day of weather. a brutal thunderstorm passed thru denver 3 1/2 hours prior to the show, flooding parts of the city, stranding cars, and diverting a bunch of flights. thankfully, we landed just before the storm but got caught in a frightening downpour on the way to the hotel and needed to walk bare foot into the hotel lobby. scary skys threatened for the next few hours and another big lightening storm passed only a few miles south of the city just before the show. this concert almost didn't happen.

as a result, the crowd was pumped and ready. this mls soccer stadium is a great venue, great food, super friendly staff, with no buzzkill security. not even the clusterfuck entry and confusion getting wristbands for the GA field dampened anyones spirits. everyone was in a good mood.

as it became apparent what was happening with the setlist, each new tune was met with amazement, climaxing in the only possible kick-you-in-the-face encore - sabotage. we were not alone in calling it at set break - it was the obvious choice, but would they actually play it? damn right they would.

this was one of those shows that being there exponentially raised the experience and is easily one of my top ten phish shows.

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