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Dr. Who (new version)


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It's one of the best shows on TV. It only gets better as the seasons roll. The latest Doc, Matt Smith, is also great (and he had huge shoes to fill since David Tennant was the most popular in the series history).

I can't say I'm loving the US reboot of Torchwood, but the UK version is worth checking out (the US is pretty good, but I'm only 4 episodes in). Torchwood is the Who spinoff currently airing on Space via Starz. It focusses on Captain Jack from Doctor Who.

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Yup. Grew up on Tom Baker watching Dr Who on TVO... and went through all the new ones within the last year. Loved David Tennant and glad to see Matt Smith settling into the role nicely. In fact, the original Moogy scored Dr Who theme music was one of the things that got me interested in synthesizers...

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