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GREAT Lansberg article on Belak

Guest Low Roller

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Thanks for sharing that Roller. Lansberg has never been more right about anything I have ever heard from him:

I know what you've wondered. And don't feel bad, we've all asked the question. You're thinking it right now. Well, I will ask it for you; how does any parent choose to leave his kids? How does a guy share with me the joy of hearing his five-year old at violin lessons, and then eight days later plug his ears forever?

I don't know the answer, but I do know this; I pray that you and I won't ever figure it out. Some things you don't want to know. And some things you can't ever judge.

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Excellent work.

The whole article really struck a nerve with me, as I had a good friend throw himself off the top of his apartment building late last year and this column touches on a lot of things that went (and are still going) through my head. There is a lot of re-interpreting of past comments in a new light, and the constant wondering of "Could I have done something more?" or "Should I have seen this coming?" But really, when someone says they are "fine", all you can really do (notwithstanding obvious evidence to the contrary) is either accept his word or constantly distrust him.

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