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Pearl Jam Ottawa


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I thought it was a pretty fun show! K and I were on the floor next to the soundboard and found the sound to be somewhere between shrill and ear-splitting, but once my brilliant wife produced some toilet paper to shove in my ears, it sounded pretty nice. Amazing though, how low the overall band mix is underneath Eddie's vocals. He is the still the star of this show. That said, it's awesome to see a true front-man rock the eff out like Eddie. Is it me, or was he looking a little Bruce Springsteen-y with the slicked lid, telecaster and black jeans.

They are a definitely great rock'n'roll band with super dedicated fans- I haven't heard Scotia Bank place that raucous in a while. Highlight for me was definitely 'Breath' from the Singles soundtrack... and it was a treat to see the other tunes I knew I liked... and ride between the rails of enjoyment and boredom/distaste for the others.

Lots of clean cut dorks screaming along with 'Better Man' was pretty funny.. as well as the number of 'Tabernacs!" the french dudes behind us dropped through-out the set.

Setlist from their forum:

Pearl Jam

Scotiabank Place

Ottawa, ON. CA

Sept. 14, 2011

Set List

01. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town

02. Last Exit

03. Do The Evolution

04. MFC

05. Unthought Known

06. Low Light

07.Given To Fly

08. Setting Forth

09. Whipping

10. Corduroy

11. Evenflow

12. Grievance

13. Lukin

14. Breath

{Ed talks about the 5 year anniversary of "Wishlist Foundation" and some of the causes they have been supporting. He also thanks the founder Laura Trafton.}

15. Wishlist

16. Olé

17. 1/2 Full

18. Betterman/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling)


19. The End

20. Inside Job

21. Just Breathe

22. Off He Goes

23. Why Go

24. The Fixer

25. Rearviewmirror


26. Come Back {played by request of an unnamed friend of the band}

27. The Real Me-(Townshend)

28. Alive

29. Yellow Ledbetter

It was cool to take a glimpse into a different world of do-it-yourselfishness. Our band is way better.

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I thought it was a good show too but I'm not just that big of a Pearl Jam fan I guess. The only songs I really got up for were the ones from Ten and The Who cover (which I thought was VERY choice). I don't find their newer material that strong and I'm a little baffled by their mass popularity really.

The band was certainly entertaining though and the crowd was good so no complaints. It was about what I expected going in.

On the night I enjoyed Mudhoney more as a band but the typical lack of crowd appreciation for the opener kind of dulled the overall vibe of their set.

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