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"Despite having more money than any other hockey team in the league, the Leafs have not purchased any brilliant players in an era overflowing with brilliant players. What the Leafs specialize in is the great bush-league heroes — this is not an accident nor is it the fault of the suits. They know what their audience wants and they give it to them. The city never took to Mats Sundin, the magnificent Swedish all-rounder. The fans adored local boy Tie Domi, a butcher on skates. His definitive moment, perhaps the definitive moment of the Leafs franchise in the 21st century, was his entirely gratuitous hit on Scott Niedermayer in the dying seconds of Game 4 of the 2001 Stanley Cup second round. At the end of a game in which Toronto tied the series, Domi's dirty hit handed the momentum over to the Devils, ruining the best chance the Leafs have had in living memory to make the Finals. The symmetry is nearly perfect: the size of the failure matches the depth of a moral disaster.

Toronto fans like extravagantly ordinary players. How else to explain paying $3 million for Darcy Tucker? Or $5.5 million for Bryan McCabe? Sometimes I wonder if Toronto would even know what to do with the Sedin twins, who are less like quick-fisted farm boys and more like magical changelings conceived by elves in the Scandinavian forest. Would they even be welcome in Toronto? During the 2011 Stanley Cup, everyone felt they had to cheer for Vancouver — Canada's team — but secretly everybody wanted Boston to take it. The choice between Ryan Kesler and Tim Thomas wasn't really a choice at all, even if Thomas is American. I recently overheard a conversation in a bar about whether Sidney Crosby would ever return to hockey, and one guy said, "I told you he was made of glass." That's typical; Toronto wouldn't take Sidney Crosby even if he were on offer. Not tough enough."

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One thing, though.

I read that he led the league with a 63.1% rate of success.

63.1% isn't considered very good in most places. I mean, yeah, it's better than half, but still, that seems really low. I would have thought there'd be a 70-80% guy out there.

What do I know? What do you guys think/know about it? Anyone been really good? Yannick Perrault was considered one of the really good guys, seems I recall him being 68ish?

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I'll tell you what I think. You dont know shit about faceoffs if you thought there would be a 70-80 percenter out there. Maybe the Leafs should have traded for Brooks Orpik as their faceoff guy. 100 percent win!

Leafs suck.


But in all honesty I think Perrault may have had a success rate in the high 60's at the end of his career and might be the number one faceoff winner of all time(since they started keeping that stat). I'm fucking ecstactic when a Hab center is 50 percent.

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