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the war on Ktown live music venues:(


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not sure if many are aware, but we've recieved a left and a right to the balls as live music lovers here in Kitchener..it was recently announced that The Lancaster Tavern (The Lanc) had been purchased and was being converted to a BBQ joint..


while i loves me some BBQ, i will sadly miss this venerable, and legendary music venue. i'd love to hear some of your memories from there. i know alot of great bands from our scene put on great shows there including one of the early Jambands.ca fundraisers:) a couple of my favorite nights were; Professer Louie and Crowmatics, Fat Cats(with Tyler Gibson on keys) and KingRoller, Mustashhat...too many fantastic nights and VERY sad to see this happen:(

As if this weren't enough, we now hear that The Boathouse is set to close on Oct 23! WOW! this one just blows me away in its stupidity! i guess Kevin's negotiating with the city to stay operating during an upcoming dredging of the Victoria Park pond and a doubling of his rent have forced yet another great venue to close:(


there is a "save the boathouse" FB page as well:


i'd encourage anyone who has seen and enjoyed their time at the boathouse to join the group, write a letter, attend the meetings if you can..let your voice be heard! we need MORE live music venues!

a very sad time to be a music lover in kitchener:(

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