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Richard Manual and THE BAND


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A friend of mine Glenn Grainger is writing a play titled “Manuel†that documents the life of Richard Manuel.

---Richard Manuel. Born in Startford ON in 1943. Member of The Band. Took his own life in 1986.---

Glenn has been working with the Manuel family and a variety of musicians to ensure that he is creating an accurate depiction of Richard. The play isn’t ready yet (I’ll keep y’all posted on that) but for now Glenn has organized an AMAZING night of music:


Friday Nov 25th, 2011

Concert, Dinner and Silent Auction

Kitchener, ON

Featuring Chuck Leavell (from The Stones), Royal Wood, The Sadies, The Steve Strongman Band, The Last Waltz Tribute Band and more being added to the lineup....Hosted by Alan Cross

Tickets are pricey but proceeds go to two great causes:

Canadian Mental Health Association, and

Production of the play “Manualâ€


More info & Tickets using PayPal at www.paddlesinaction.com

Check this out and spread the word!

If anyone wants to get in on a table together message me.

:thumbup: Anne

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The Manuel Play is starting to take shape. Based out of London Ontario, they are currently auditioning musicians for the play. If you know any singing drummers aged 18-30 I believe they are having a hard time filling the role of Levon (understandably--big shoes to fill).

To learn more about the project and to get updates check out their new facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/manuel.play.14?fref=ts&ref=br_tf

or the website:


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At loooooong last, The Manuel Play is in production and tickets are on sale!

"Manuel is a play about Richard Manuel, the deeply talented and enigmatic piano player and vocalist from the acclaimed musical group THE BAND. This play is a lively and musical tale told from the point of view of Richard's last remaining brother Al who reflects back on thirty key years in his brother's turbulent and incredible life. In doing so, Al confronts his own feelings while facing formidable forces of nature and dark complexities of the human condition."

The premiere set of performance for the play will take place at the end of this month in London Ontario.  
April 26-May 1, 2016
Grand Theatre 


"Hailed as "the light of THE BAND" by his good friend Eric Clapton, Richard Manuel had a voice that could melt hearts that was forged from another world. But so too was his sensitive spirit and this story by Glenn William Grainger chronicles the clash between the harsh external road of the musician's life and one man's profound inner longing for peace and acceptance."
Directed by John Pacheco.
Special musical consultant Terry Danko (brother of The Band's Rick Danko).


I'm gonna go.  Anyone else in?

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.17.53 PM.png

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It was community theatre at it's best.... lighting miscues, inept soundmen etc. "The Band" weren't bad but as expected Richard couldn't hit the 'Richard' notes (not surprised, I mean who can?!) and some of the acting and script was pretty campy. That said it was a play about Richard Manuel and The Band and they played the actual music not some Muzak crap. The costumes and set design were pretty on point, in fact the costumes for specific events (Ed Sullivan, Woodstock) were exactly what they wore. 

At the end of the night I was really happy to have gone and supported the arts and got to see some friends I don't see often enough so it was a total win.

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