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Dark Side of The Moon

boiler rat

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The general consensus is that the original pressings are the best, even better than the MOFI and Japenese pressings that go for around $100 or more.

Please post back your impressions when you listen to it--I have the previous anniversary edition and it's OK but not the best pressing by any means. My 73' copy is beat unfortunately but I'd love to get my hands on a clean early pressing.

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Thanks Esau.

Weirdness: So far so good. As I write this, The climatic part of Us and Them is coming through true and clear. I can hear evrything. Pretty awesome. I'm noticing a touch of static during quieter parts though. Time to play Hi-Fi tech and get to the bottom of that. There should be no reason for the record to have static build up. I cleaned the stylus before I played it. strange.

I gotta get a zerostat gun to zap static out of my records.

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