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Cannabis Cup Raided


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The Cannabis Cup was raided at approximately 4:20 this afternoon as police stormed the Borchland conference centre in Amsterdam, rounding up attendees and vendors alike.

Nearing the end of the fourth day of the 24th annual marijuana exposition police entered the busy conference hall and told all attending “judges†to leave the building. On the way out, conference-goers found a police search waiting at the door.

According to a witness, he and his companions were near the front of a very long line of people trying to leave the event. All were being rigorously searched, and all drugs were being confiscated. Though he didn't see anyone actually arrested, the man said he witnessed the police going from booth to to booth with a marked map.

Yesterday's exposition was to include Dab-athon, an onstage hash-oil competition. The cops had shut down that event, as oil is classified a hard drug in The Netherlands, on par with cocaine. The enthusiasts carried out their competition offstage despite the police warning, and speculation is that today's bust is mainly a search for oil, and perhaps an opportunity to punish the Cup organizers for not heeding police intervention on Tuesday.

Thursday is the final voting day of the Cannabis Cup, and it is unclear what impact today's raid will have on the rest of the exposition.

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Glad no one was getting arrested, sorry to hear about this though.

I'm sure many folks are as confused as they are surprised. What's the overall vibe in your opinion Todd? I saw tweets referring to the "opium law".

[color:red][edit to add]

Found a

on youtube where they specifically mention the opium law. I guess the oil making contest ruffled a few feathers.
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So far the vibe among attendees seemd to be mainly shock and surprise, though it's the cafe workers I've talked to who seem to be the direst. They think this is really bad.

I've heard the suggestion that tonight's concert might get raided, and individual shops as well. It's not entirely uncommon for shops to get raided, and the cops generally leave the patrons alone, but we'll see.

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Thanks everyone, but no vibes needed. We're just in from another round at the shops and we have our feet up sucking on minibar.

There was an announcement by Derry, owner of Barney's when we were in his establishment tonight, and he said the cops had "wavered" and the expo would be open as usual tomorrow.

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