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Ollie/Kev conent - TMB?


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Did you guys check out last week's shows in Toronto?

I didn't commit to going until a week before the show as I was opposed to paying $90/$100 for tickets...cheap seats came up, really nice balcony pair actually, so I did go on sat night.

I didn't see the last tour (trick) but noticed the keyboard player and drummer were new, and while they carried the show well I didn't think they did the show justice as their predecessors had previously done.

It was still awesome to see this show, and yes, I still get way bored towards the last 15 min. Musical box & watcher were flawless.

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P.S. Didn't see TMB on this tour and probably won't. I've seen them enough plus all the lineup changes are a turn-off. It's a bit of a well-oiled machine. Good for them of course but as a fan they aren't on my radar much.

I did go see a great band from Italy recently called The Watch. They played most of Selling England By The Pound (skipped More Fool Me), The Musical Box, Watcher of the Skies, Supper's Ready and some other originals. Small club in Gatineau, QC. It was a great time. Here's some video I shot:

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ha! Yup.

Ollie, I'm with you and agree with your comments. I wasn't paying big bucks to see them. I had a chance to see them in Buffalo on the way back from Furthur Syracuse but didn't go. I was tempted to go on Saturday to score a cheap ticket, but hanging out at home with the family was much more appealing at the time.

Ollie, I have now missed The Watch TWICE. Pissed. I really like what I've heard and seen of them. Next time for sure.

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