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New Years Eve Dinners


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Having worked in the restaurant industry for years, I can tell you that New Years Eve is one of, if not, the worst nights to dine out.

Everyone is rushed, the kitchen is overworked, the service is usually shitty because they are so busy and the food often suffers. Even the best restaurants struggle on NYE.

That being said...I'm in Ottawa for New Years. We are staying at the Westin. Where should I eat?

It will probably be a party of 4 or many more. I'm thinking something semi- casual where it won't be a big fuss or celebration. Just good honest food and decent ambiance.

Any ideas?

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The new restaurant inside the Westin (Shore Club) is supposed to be excellent. But so are many other places within two blocks.


Murray Street

Courtyard (that'd be my choice)



town (further down Elgin)


Whalesbone (further down Bank)

Smoque Shack

Chez Lucien for delicious burgers and beers

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we ate at Town the other night and i wouldn't really recommend it.

i guess you might want more details than that huh.

the apps and salads were ok but the flavours were not all that special considering all the unpronounceable ingredients ;) their raw tuna tasted fishy. the pork chop was good but was paired oddly with inedible white beans and raw apple. i wasn't really impressed food-wise with anything. the wines were great though :)

i like murray st. a lot

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Murray St serves duck poutine? Last time I was there the "poutine" was gross spätzle with curds and duck gravy - no duck meat. I hated it and almost sent it back.

The time before that was on a poutine crawl and there was shredded duck meat in the poutine which helped out immensely taste-wise but the spätzle was still gross.

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It wasn't really worth reviewing.

The food was pretty good, but the menu was limited.

Actually, I would have to give it a negative review. Not much really stood out as being memorable.

They misquoted me the price (as well as the price quoted on the website). Wine pairings were over priced (as well as being way more expensive then what they listed on the website) so we just ordered a few bottles from the list. Service was decent but not outstanding.

Pretty "meh" experience, but it was kind of what I expected from a NYE meal.

Luke ordered the pork belly and it was the tastiest thing I tried all night. The "bones" I ordered were creative and much different the bone marrow I was expecting (bistro fare). No actual bones on the plate. Interesting twist, but I prefer the traditional french preparation.

The company was fantastic and I enjoyed the meal but it was not among the better dining experiences I was lucky enough to enjoy in 2011.

The rest of the night kicked ass!!

I love partying with O-town friends and seeing nero! I wish we could do that more often.

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