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Flood at Aubrey's

Freak By Night

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Oh my. Talk about bad luck for that place! We were just there last week to spend some more of our Kahoot coupon, but as usual, we didn't get there early enough in the day, so there was not much choice. And the girl at the cash told us that they're not even taking any pre-orders until after Christmas because they would not be able to fill the orders at this point. So yeah, all the lost meat was probably Christmas dinners.

And at this point, I think they should stop selling those coupons. I still notice some for sale now and again, yet when we try to spend ours, it's not easy! Takes a lot of planning to spend it!

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i think it's weak that they only let you spend $50 of it at a time.

Isn't that just for walk-in only? I believe you can order a week in advance as much as you want. That's what i did with coupon #1. Mind you, they kept changing their policies.

Sad to hear about the owner's death. He was almost too nice. There was a time I went in there and waited about 15-20 minutes for help, it wasn't busy but he was just having a chat with another customer who already had her stuff paid for. I couldn't interrupt because of the niceness. Another time, I was putting in an order for beef short ribs and asked one of the butcher dudes to debone them. He didn't know what I was talking about. odd. the owner... Brian? ... came over to say "no worries, we can do that". the new employee learned something new that day.

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Todd just went down there; they are not accepting the credit purchased with the coupons. He ordered his meat, went to the cash, and they plopped a sign on the counter saying "NO COUPONS or GIFT CARDS until after April 30"

Note: Todd was not trying to redeem a coupon - we had already done that. We had a credit card they gave us with the remainder of our credit on it. They are not accepting the credit.

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I forget how much credit we have left. But we don't have a credit card with credit on it though; we just have the printed coupon with a cash receipt stapled to it showing our remaining balance. We might have something around $120 left.

I wonder if the coupon company reimburses us if Aubrey's closes and the full amount of coupon can't be honoured. Ah well, we probably made our money back anyhow.

Let's hope Aubrey's survives. I don't like seeing small businesses die.

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this was in the news today:

Thu Jan 19, 05:29 PM

Ottawa butcher isn't honouring thousands of coupons


Aubrey's Meats said they won't have the cash flow to handle the amount of coupons until May.

One Ottawa butcher shop has stopped honouring online coupons because they don't have the cash to supply thousands of customers with discount meat.

A sign on the door of Aubrey's Meats in the Byward Market said about 10,000 coupons from sites like Groupon and Dealfind won't be honoured until May so the store can get back to "quality and service."

John Thurston said he bought $200 worth of meats for $89 but now can't use it.

"They stated there were blackout periods when you couldn't use it around the holidays," he said. "I understood that, but to say a whole four month period when you can't use the card, that's not what I thought I was getting when I bought the card."

Aubrey's former owner passed away in October, with staff saying they‘re currently in between owners.

They said they're temporarily not honouring coupons because they don't have the cash flow to handle hundreds of thousands of dollars of meat at a discount.

"They've lost their owner and I have sympathy for them, but my feeling is they should have planned their fiscal matters a little better," Thurston said.

Other local businesses said they've benefitted from offering the online deals.

"We just kept watching it climbing and climbing and climbing," said Michael Blackie of Le Café, whose Sunday brunch is typically booked solid from their offer. "We ended up selling 2,860 coupons."

For those Aubrey's couponers who don't want to wait until May, the websites that offered the deals are offering a full refund.

Other customers said they were going to take their business elsewhere.

"The meat is great, it tastes fantastic, but it's obviously disappointing," said Rob Lussier. "I have four kids, so guess we'll just go to Wal-Mart to get some meat."

A similar situation happened in Toronto last year, when a butcher stopped allowing coupons to be redeemed on Saturdays because of the demand.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Claudia Cautillo

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Coupon time people!

They have new owners and are honoring the credits at a rate of 50%. So if you buy (pay for) $100 in product, you can then get $100 more in credit meat.

Velvet went down there yesterday and today and came home with big bags of delicious meats...mmmmmmm


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I'm less with thrilled with this new "offer" given how much markup there already is on Aubrey's meat. I also don't like how it forces more money out of my pocket, especially spending it on a business I have such disdain for.

I know, I know, they don't have to honour the coupons at all. It's just that earlier this year the indication was that they'd honour them in whole.

The other restriction I heard is that they are only taking coupons on Wednesday and Thursday. Not the most convenient of days to get there if you're not in the area.

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if they indeed have new owners, i'd say it appears that the old owners were planning to do nothing at all for anybody, and we're lucky that the new ones are doing this. i wouldn't use the word thrilled for the new offer, but it's a lot better than the old offer which was to stall everybody until they went under.

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Lucky? I don't know about that. We have about $130 left on our coupon. That means we'll have to spend an additional $130 out of pocket to use the rest of the coupon. That's almost twice what we paid for it!

Yes it's nice to have the option but in our case I think we're better off cutting our losses.

Sorry, I'm just really pissed at Aubrey's. These "new" owners were the same people running the store when these deals came out in the first place. They knew what was going on when they issued coupon deal after coupon deal. I don't think these are very nice people at all.

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