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Phish 12.30.11


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I have only been able to catch the second sets of these shows, but I thought last night was the best of the three.

Really? Are you forgetting about the Mikes Groove on the 29th?

Sadly I'm with Jaybone on this one... something was really off with Trey and he was missing notes and his timing was off all over the place. I was sadly dissapointed after that show. The first night was a good show, second night was almost a great show for me. I'm hoping they blow the roof off the place tonight.

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It's interesting to hear different opinions.

I think during Horse, I was really put off when Trey flubbed and Page came in and did the music (Page doesn't usually play on Horse- it's just guitar and voice).

I guess everyone can have an off night, but it was certainly strange.

Sounds like people at the show had fun.

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Lots of criticism about the New Year's Run. I was there for the 29th and it was amazing to see them at MSG, we could feel the energy of the crowd... and although there wasn't a moment that stood out as a wow moment - still was a solid show.

Friends, PT boards and Mr Miner (http://phishthoughts.com/) have been trashing these shows.

IMO a bad night at Phish is still better than almost any other concert experience out there, but having only seen the one show and not as critical as some - I still enjoyed myself.

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