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7 year old, things to do in O-TOWN


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I've never been, but this is by my new office and kids are consantly coming and going..

Fun Haven

My nieces went there on Boxing Day and really liked it...although is was overwhelming at first for them since there's a lot to do in there and they didn't know where to start! I wasn't there.

Does the 7 year old like the Toronto Blue Jays?:

Blue Jays Autograph Session

Sun, 8 January, 13:30 – 15:00

St-Laurent Shopping Centre - Centre Court

Come meet Ricky Romero, Casey Janssen, Brett Lawrie and JP Arencibia from the Toronto Blue Jays

I have no idea if these above players are the popular ones. Are any of the Blue Jays popular?!

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Thanks for the idears...

Funhaven has been brought up a few times by different people...

Depending on the weather, we just may hit the slopes with a toboggan under our arms.

Little G is a hockey fan...not much of a baseball fan...too bad the Flyers game wasn't here tomorrow afternoon...

Soooo...if the weather cooperates, tobogganing and snoots, if not, Funhaven with snoots.

I'll save Storyland for my next adventure with you Fluff.

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haha...conversations with short people can be pretty hillarious huh. When I was in Ottawa last I took the D-man to the Science museum and after he dragged me into their store..of coarse he wanted to replace the cheap, peice of shit, made by small hands train we had bought the visit before...which broke in a day...I tried to explain all the immorality of buying said train..in kid speak of course...after about 20 minutes...I found myself at the cash register buying said peice of shit train...and ya..it's broken now and awaiting the landfill orrrr next artwork...hmm...idea! ;)

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