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Marley 1997 - 2012

Kanada Kev

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Marley 1997 - 2012 from KK on Vimeo.

This past weekend we had to make the decision to allow our dear little pug Marley to have the big sleep.

Marley was a great dog and provided us with so much love and affection for just under 15 years!

We got Marley from the same breeder as her older "brother" Otis. Why only have one pug when we could have two? :)

I wish I had more pictures of her scanned since all of her puppy pictures were in the pre-digital camera era. One of my projects for this winter.

We got to meet Marley's mother prior to her litter being born. It was bizarre. Picture a pug with a football in their belly, sideways! Oof. It was very interesting as we noticed a lot of her mother's characteristics in Marley as she grew. We got to hold Marley when she would barley fill the palm of your hand.

Marley was a real character and was rambunctious as a young pup. Otis was such a good "older brother" to her and put up with her jumping on him, nipping his ears, pushing him around, trying to eat all the food, and he just let her. He knew there was no point in trying to get her to stop. They were inseparable though and curled up together all the time. Otis was Marley's pillow and warm blanket.

When Jack and Cassidy came along, Marley was quick to learn that they were an endless source of food. She would position herself under the high-chairs and make sure she could get the food that would inevitably fall to the floor at every feeding. Since she was more of the alpha pug, she got the majority of the scraps while Otis let her. As a result, there were a number of years where Marley was a very over-sized pug. That weight came off in later years as the kids grew older.

Marley was incredibly good with Cassidy and had a special attachment to her. She put up with Cassidy using her like a doll and being dressed-up all the time. Cassidy loved to put a princess costume on her, or fancy necklaces and jewelry. As you can see in the slide show, Cassidy loved to use Marley as a pillow and hugged her all the time. Cassidy also found that she liked to take pictures of Marley too. Marley was a patient model and never a diva.

Just like Otis, Marley traveled with us quite a lot. She'd spend countless weekends at the cottage, going camping, and visiting friends and other dogs. She always stayed close by though and was never a wanderer. She liked to be near her family and would never go far (especially when food was around).

Marley loved to watch TV. However, it could become a little chaotic at times. If there was ever a dog, cat or other animal creature on the screen she'd jump right up and run at the TV to attack it. She could care less about anything else on the screen, just no animals. Bizarre.

Marley only wanted to be with us and that made her happy. I was concerned when it was time for Otis to go that she would really have a hard time of it, but she seemed to transition very well to becoming an only-dog. Over the last year her hearing had completely gone and her eyesight was very limited. Even though she had to be carried down the stairs to go outside, she was still mobile and was always underfoot while anyone was cooking or eating in the kitchen. She had an appetite right up to the end. With stiffening joints and arthritis worsening, she all of a sudden couldn't use her hind legs barely at all and that was the sign that we knew it was time. She never had to suffer and was loved dearly right until the end.

Just like Otis, Jack and Cassidy have always had Marley around. They knew that her time was coming and they were very understanding. Even so, they've had moments where the memories and feelings have overwhelmed them.

The house now feels a lot different without Marley in the kitchen. We're getting used to it. It still seems strange not having here there whenever I open the fridge or have an extra little treat for her.

I've attached a link to a quick video of some pictures of Marley.

I am sure I will think of many more moments that were experienced with Marley as my memory is jogged. She will always be in our thoughts, memories and hearts.

Fare thee well Marley. You really were a WONDERFUL dog. Always missed. Always remembered.


Pics/Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCBrG53Ecgc


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Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU. It has been a surprisingly easy go (after that first day was finished). I do remember that there were a few heavy emotional moments that came out-of-the-blue days after we had to put Otis down. I'm sure it will happen here too. However, knowing that she wasn't suffering and was seemingly happy right until the end warms my heart and helps to know that the right decision was made.

I appreciate all the kind words. We really lucked out with two amazing dogs. A combined life-span of 31 years for Otis and Marley. That's an accomplishment.

Looking forward to some time only being responsible for kids and no dogs. I'm sure more furry creatures will join our family sometime in the future though. No rush.

My wife was amazed seeing the responses here, in emails and at another board where I posted the info. It's nice to know that people out there understand the hole that is left when a pet leaves us for whatever reason. Sometimes you just don't realize how much a part of your life that they are until they aren't around anymore and you start to look at old pictures.

Happy to be a dog/cat sitter for friends/family from time-to-time to get our 4-legged fix too :)

Youtube is way too good at knowing when you use music in videos. I hate it. Here it is if you couldn't hear the tunes:


Thanks again everyone. Really, thank you.



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In one of those strange, coming-together-of- threads moments, I just listened to "Otis" by Strangefolk. Sorry to hear about Marley, Kev, having met both your pugs a few times I can vouch for them having a great, loving home. The last time I was at your place on King (11? years ago) she had a serious infatuation with my leg under the kitchen table. Kev, my thoughts are with you and the family.

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