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Neil Hope - Degrassi's "Wheels"

Jay Funk Dawg

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R.I.P. Neil Hope a.k.a "Wheels" on Degrassi Jr. High

Just found out on Facebook via one of his high school friends.

He's been missing for years, and his family just found out he died back in 2007... He was estranged from his family for such a long time, his whereabouts have been unknown until now. He apparently struggled with addiction issues but on twitter it says he died of natural causes.

I used to hear about him working at Money Mart on Lakeshore & Islington in Toronto and getting upset that people recognized him from Degrassi.

....Child stardom, sounds like it's a killer.

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RIP, amen brother.

Not the most timely news, but damn, talk about giving the heart strings a painful tugging Jay Dawg!

I'll always remember Wheels as the awkwardly good-natured, pink-sweater wearing bass player of Zit Remedy. He brought a lot of people joy and happiness with his music.

He also stood by his glasses, for better or worse.

'Everybody wants something, they'll never give up'

I don't even want to talk about 'School's Out!'

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