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Sadies, March 23-24, NAC, Ottawa


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Like Jill Barber needs help getting a following. Good idea for a series though, hope they make it permanent, year-round, all genres, cheaper tickets, and regular shows.

The series is a permanent one.

It will never be year round- lots of the NAC people responsible take most of the their vacations during the summer months when business slows down alot.

Cheaper tickets likely isn't going to happen. You can't sell tickets for $8 when you have about 10 union staff working the event. Not to mention every booking agent sees the NAC coming a mile away and makes sure they are sharing in the wealth.

Sure its almost double the price of going to see an act elsewhere- but it is much nicer and the bathrooms are always clean. The NAC always feels like a nice night out- I can't always say the same about Mavs or the like.

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Good points. If I can see a show without putting money in Spectrasonic's coffers I'm all for it. And yeah, nice night out, good atmosphere, the sound will be good, etc etc.

Glad it's permanent!! Hope it succeeds like crazy. And hope they include all genres and styles.

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Waaaait a minute...(my sopa alert just went off)....I'm one of those union stage hands that works at the NAC and there's only about NINE of us for a show like this.

....kidding....there's two 'permanent' guys there...one lighting, one sound.....throw in a video guy if there are video elements and maybe one hand if there's a lot of gear....so 2-5 guys.....usually only the 2 though....

Sometimes the NAC charges to rent the space to the performer but if it's an NAC production we may foot the bill ourselves....not sure of the arrangement on this series....will ask if I think of it.....

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