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Madonna fotl presale on now!


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  • 6 months later...

Well, that was one of the oddest shows I've seen. The first ten minutes featured steady graphic gunplay and bloodsmears as Madonna shot several of her dancers point blank, over and over, singing "Gonna kill my lover, gonna shoot him in the head..." Our jaws were on the floor.

The pluses: Fantastic lights, great sound, a very creative stage and screen setup, lots of well-choreographed stuff going on. Overall a visually stunning event. And when she wants to Madonna can sing her ass off. Oh, and she shows her ass off too.

The minuses: Frankly, the music. To start with (ha), the opener was a useless DJ named Paul Oakenfold. It's hard for me to imagine why he was there and why anyone would pay him to do what he was - ahem - doing? Madonna's stuff was never really very interesting either, all the hits were reworked, and though some of it was at least refreshing, the mindlessness of most of the new material made the reworkings also seem a bit mindless.

There were several times when she left the stage altogether, leaving us with what must be a recording of a tune while choreographed stuff plays out onstage with some of the 25 or so dancers. It's okay in a Cirque De Soleil kind of way but I'm not too crazy about that sort of thing in an overall sense.

She closed with Like A Prayer and it was great. It was the most concert-like number of the night and was the only thing she did that was unquestionably damn good musically. If the whole show was more like that I would be gushing right now. I don't begrudge her for doing her own thing - she's come up with and presents a very interesting 105 minutes and more power to her, but as a big live music fan and a casual Madonna fan I would have enjoyed a more musical and less "artistic" show.

My tickets were $47, $61.25 with all charges in. Most of the tickets in the 22,000 seater were $350 each, $375 with charges added. I feel like I got my moneys worth or came at least close. I hope all the ladies in the pricey seats feel the same.

PS. It was the easiest bathroom scene I've ever seen, there was one other guy in the cavernous can when I went before the show started. Gender-wise, it was like being at a Rush concert in reverse.

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Every article I've seen this morning glazed over the 10:30 start time...like ottawa was privileged with Madonna's presence. Though the Citizen gave it slightly more attention, they still manage to compliment her despite the point I thought they were making.

And the fans — the show was, as expected, a complete sellout with more than 15,000 packing Scotiabank Place, many likely rueing Tuesday morning as the show didn’t get underway until almost 10:30 — gleefully played the part, with many dressed up and putting on their favourite era Material Girl face.

Madonna’s live performance is a Broadway show on wheels, except that Broadway shows start at a reasonable hour. The start time on the ticket was 8 p.m. after all. When her show finally did start at about 10:20 p.m., it was fabulous, ushered in as it was by crimson robed monks to the cheering of the sell out crowd of about 15,000.

This cavalier attitude towards people who have decked themselves out and might have employed babysitters or have to get up for work in the morning – and who’ve paid through the nose to help keep Madonna in the style she has become accustomed – is weird and almost a throwback to the ’60s when drunken rock bands routinely staggered on stage with regard for neither clock nor customers. Not that Madonna is in that wastrel category. Her onstage gyrations among a posse of superb dancers, and her well-sculpted physique, point to a 53-year old woman who is supremely fit.

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I saw a few tweets last night around 10:15 that pointed out she had not come on yet. Seemed very Axl Rosey.

This is such a douche move' date=' if for no other reason than alcohol sales are usually cut off around 10 PM. Don't do that to your fans.


Totally agreed. IMO it's only marginally less inconsiderate than playing a shortened half-assed set.

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