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Cowboy Junkies @ Glenn Gould Studio

Kanada Kev

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Scored a couple of tix for this yesterday. Should be a really interesting show. Glenn Gould Studio (where some here saw Hornsby) is very small and sounds wonderful. Capacity is just over 300 I believe.



Cowboy Junkies LIVE at Glenn Gould Studio

In June of 2010 Cowboy Junkies decided that they were going to release four albums in 18 months. They called the project The Nomad Series and they used the paintings of Enrique Martinez Celaya as a starting point.

The first album - Renmin Park - was inspired by a three-month trip to China that Mike took to explore where his adopted daughters were born. The second album - Demons - is a cover album of Vic Chesnutt songs. Vic worked with the band on the Trinity Revisited album in 2007 and they were supposed to work together on some original material but he died before they had the chance. The third album - Sing In My Meadow - came out this past fall. It's essentially the band blowing the doors off of the myth that they're a quiet little band. It's dirty, grungy, jammy and best played loud. The fourth and final album - Angels In The Wilderness - comes out March 27, 2012 and the concert in Glenn Gould Studio will have the band playing selections from all four of the albums.

Who: Cowboy Junkies

What: The only Canadian date prior to release of fourth and final album of their Nomad Series.

Where:: Glenn Gould Studio, 8pm

When: March 14, 2012.

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