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RIP Davy Jones

mister slippery

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I was always under the impression that the monkees didn't play any instruments.

They didn't play any instruments on their early recordings (they tried to incorporate more of their own playing later as they tried to take more control over their own career and recordings), but Peter Tork and Mike Nesmith came into the band as musicians and guitar players. Davy Jones and Mickey Dolenz came in with acting backgrounds, although both could sing. As Dolenz did play some guitar, they were initially looking to have Jones be the drummer, but the producers realized he would have been too hard to see behind the drum kit (Davy Jones was a tiny, tiny man) so, at least for the purposes of the show, Dolenz became the drummer and Jones played maracas (Dolenz told the tale of being on tour with the Monkees and keeping his eyes locked on the back of Nesmith's heel in order to keep the tempo.)

And now you know more than you really needed to.

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