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headed back to Toronto this weekend

Jay Funk Dawg

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Hey Guys,

quick update on NYC. Had a great tour with the House of David Gang to the East Coast, saw lots of familiar faces in Montreal, Fredericton, Saint John & Halifax.


Things having been going well. adjusting to this huge huge city. Unfortunately we just got our car broken into - I left a bag tied up in the back, it was only a bag full of cassette tapes circa '95.


Caught so many great shows including Umphreys' McGee, Galactic, Steele Pulse, The Impressions (Curtis Mayfield's original 60's vocal trio) backed by members of the Dap Kings, Soulive w/ John Scofield & Luther Dickinson.


Most exciting has been working at Relix. We've been treated to lots of in office performances by the likes of Good Old War, Howlin' Rain, Bahamas, Little Barrie, Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds and a hang out with Jaimoe from Allman Brothers.


Good Old War in the Relix Boiler Room (Great Band!)


Blurry picture of me and Jaimoe

I'm headed back to Toronto this weekend for the final shows of my NuFunk Fest, doing a big jam this Saturday at Opera House with my favorite UK DJ A.Skillz and drummer/dj KJ Sawka.


I'm looking forward to being back, but also to get an idea of the vibe on the street - this election scandal is really creeping me out! I think they are more accustomed to scandals here in the US, this one seems like a big shocker!

One of the reason I'm even here is because my wife is in climate science, and any climate research money has been cut by the conservatives, probably to help their case for the Oil Sand development.

Climate Science has taken a huge hit in Canada, and with out research money scientist are moving abroad where they can find programs to support this important climate research. In the 2011 Conservative Budget $35 million was promised to “strengthen Canada’s research advantage†in environmental science. That money has just not materialized.


What the hell is going on over there?


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