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Radiohead Tour Stats

Guest Low Roller

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Guest Low Roller

So Radiohead have now played 16 shows over two months as part of their King Of Limbs world tour. All shows were in the US thus far.

Here's a breakdown of what was played:

Total songs played: 46

Average set length: 23 songs

Set Opener: Bloom (16 out of 16)

2nd Song: 15 Step (9), Little By Little (6)

Set Closer: Paranoid Android (8), Street Spirit (3), Idioteque (3)

First Time Played Live: Identikit, Cut A Hole, Skirting The Surface, Amazing Sounds of Orgy, Meeting In The Aisle.

Song Frequency:

(16) Bloom

(16) Idioteque

(16) Lotus Flower

(16) Morning Mr. Magpie

(16) Reckoner

(16) There There

(15) Feral

(14) Arpeggi

(14) Give Up The Ghost

(13) The Gloaming

(13) Identikit

(12) Everything In Its Right Place

(11) 15 Step

(11) The Daily Mail

(11) Little By Little

(11) Myxomatosis

(11) Nude

(11) Separator

(10) Staircase

(9) Bodysnatchers

(9) Karma Police

(9) Kid A

(9) Paranoid Android

(9) Pyramid Song

(7) Airbag

(6) Lucky

(6) You And Whose Army?

(4) The Amazing Sounds of Orgy

(4) The National Anthem

(4) Street Spirit

(3) All I Need

(3) Codex

(3) Exit Music

(3) How To Disappear Completely

(3) I Might Be Wrong

(3) These Are My Twisted Words

(2) Climbing Up The Walls

(2) Cut A Hole

(2) Meeting In The Aisle

(2) House of Cards

(2) Planet Telex

(2) Skirting On The Surface

(2) Supercollider

(1) Hunting Bears

(1) Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box

(1) Videotape

Significant absence: Fake Plastic Trees, My Iron Lung, The Bends, Creep, Optimistic, Like Spinning Plates, 2+2=5, Sail To The Moon, Where I End And You Begin, Jigsaw Falling Into Place, Bangers and Mash

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Guest Low Roller

Little By Little improved by leaps and bounds when they performed it on From The Basement. Very chill groove.

The remix album is all sorts of schitzo. I have to be in a particularly warped mood to listen to that album all the way through.

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