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Yo Jamband folk, long time since I've been on here but figure you guys are the best to answer the following question:

What are the best ticket resale sites as far as price/safety?

I haven't been out in a long, long time and Steph and I have decided to hit up Dave Matthews in TO June 2 (happens to be the same time as a family thing so we can actually do it). Unfortunately this requires tickets and also unfortunately they are sold out. Since things come in three, the third unfortunate is the lack of us being rich and therefore we are looking for reasonably priced tickets.

It'd be sweet to get pavilion. I'm aching for some live music and though I'd prefer a Phish show, I'll take Dave anyday since he was my gateway band into jambands...

Oh, by the way, if any of you know anyone getting rid of some tickets that isn't greedy and wants to just re-sell them around face value (including service charges and taxes of course), let us know please.


Matt M

PS: If anyone's wondering, I didn't stop coming here because of the people, I stopped because I was afraid of getting fired at an old job for spending too much time on here (come waste your time with us, lol) and then I had kids...

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Damn I wish I'd thought of that on April 18th at about 8:26 PM. I just checked out craigslist TO and sure enough someone posted at that very date/time some section 100 tickets for face value. I've emailed the person but I doubt they still have them. Man that would have been nice.

Thanks for the quick suggestion!

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Yeah, that's what I was thinking. It's also getting to be close enough to the show that sending the tickets in the mail will be out.

The shitty thing is that on saturday we checked and there were still lawn tickets but we were still not sure. I talk to my mom that night, find out there's a family thing in Barrie June 2 (so might as well go to DMB) and then try for tickets on sunday (or monday) and it's sold out, lol.

I've also started reading posts and am going to get hooked on here again, damnit.

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