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Sat. June 2 Scientists of Sound, Ninja Funk Orchestra & SAM KLASS!

Jay Funk Dawg

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www.nufunk.ca presents...

Sat. June 2nd

Scientists of Sound (Halifax/Toronto)

Ninja Funk Orchestra (Toronto)

w/ SAM KLASS (Hamilton) * JUST ADDED!

El Mocambo - 464 Spadina Ave. Toronto


$12 adv. http://tktwb.tw/KTpzYt

$15 door 10 pm

Facebook Page: http://on.fb.me/M0tisP




SOS is a LIVE looping madness duo - all sounds are performed, recorded, and manipulated LIVE - take that DJs! Joking - we love DJs!

Dirty electro sounds in an improvisational original format that nobody else is doing… Live looping dance madness – in masks – and lab coats… This is the mantra for this Halifax based duo sometimes trio sometimes quattro looping madness unit… Play sound – record sound – manipulate sound until it doesn’t sound like the original sound – and do it all over well crafted original dance tracks and thumpin’ beats… That IS the stuff right there… This is Scientists of Sound…

In the past year SOS have shifted from a side project / fun time project to a bona-fide electro powerhouse on the Canadian music scene… They have performed in every major Canadian market and have been winning fans coast to coast in the process… They have shared the stage with notable electro artists MSTRKRFT. Kid Koala, Boys Noise, Thunderheist, and more… Their debut full length album is slated for release in summer of 2012.


Ninja Funk Orchestra


Using live traditional instruments, NFO play a 21st century fusion of jazz, funk, electronica, jungle, and dub step. Much more than simply crossing every conceivable genre boundary, Ninja Funk combines digital effects, psychedelic visuals, and theatrical costume to enhance an already epic live show. They've toured Eastern Canada and parts of Chile and have played nearly every major live music venue in Toronto (Phoenix, Virgin Mobile Mod Club, Sneaky Dee's, Lee's Palace, the Horseshoe Tavern, El Mocambo, Yonge and Dundas Square,etc.), as well as showcased at Nuite Blanche 2010.


'BYLL GR8TS' is Mikey Palermo, a young producer based out of Toronto. Mikey’s musical journey started in early 2009, as “Koala Kids!†He used Koala Kids! As a method to find himself as a producer. He settled on the 8-bit sound of a Nintendo Gameboy equipped with the software LSDJ after experimenting with various mediums. He then switched his name to ‘Guiding Light’ for one show. Having a hard time finding a name to suit himself as a person and his music, he settled on the ridiculous; ‘BYLL GR8TS'. Putting out his first release under his new alias; “M!CH▲3L$0F+†in October 2011, it seemed he has found himself. Paired up with his super hip "manager" Nikki he is on an unstoppable path of destruction.

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