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Molson Amp PizzaPizza deal is back

Kanada Kev

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I can't believe it, but I just bought 6 tix for KISS AND MÖTLEY CRÜE. Should be an evening of heavy-drinking and head-banging.

Tickets are $15 + fees ($19) for lawns at all of these shows. I may scoop some Blue Rodeos and Dukes of September (Fagan, Scaggs, McDonald) too.

The password is: pizza1111


Pizza Pizza delivers you tickets to the hottest shows at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre for $11.11!

**Offer subject to availability. Check back often as new shows and additional tickets may be added. Service charges and taxes may apply.

Enter the code found on pizzapizza.ca to take advantage of this offer.

June 19 Beach Boys

July 2 Scorpions

July 11 Nickelback

July 14 Santana

July 29 Mac Miller/Wiz Khalifa

August 12 Dukes of September

August 18 Blue Rodeo

August 30 Roxette

September 8 Big Time Rush

September 13 Kiss/Motley Crue

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