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Barr Brothers last night in NYC

Jay Funk Dawg

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My wife has turned into a fanatical Barr Brothers fan and brought out some of her friends from Columbia U to the show last night at le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village.


They played some new songs and had their opener violinist Kishi Bashi (of of montreal) play a couple of tunes which they did "bluegrass style" with one room mike.

I enjoyed their show at Joe's Pub a little more... it wasn't as big a crowd, but you felt they were a little more at ease and spoke more on the mic. At that particular show Sarah got more time to flex her harp skills, especially in a duel she did with Brad.

The show last night really seemed like Brad Barr was the star of the show, he was directing the band and when he wasn't leading the band it seemed a little unfocused. Andrew did get some time to do a very interesting drum / noise solo which he had a bicycle tire and he bowed the spokes like a violin and played with a drum stick in the other hand.

The band just got back from a UK tour where they were showcasing - I think they're still climbing and building their audience. Judging by the audience of mostly older 40+ - they are tapping into a NPR Adult contemporary crowd and broadening their reach.

I also saw Joe Russo drinking some beer in the corner. At the Joe's Pub show I saw and met Don Was, who is a big fan, we might see him involved in their next studio release.

The improvisations that Brad took last night really showed his African Guitar sensibilities - more rhythmic & melodic than his work in the Slip. They also brought a Neil Young folk rock sound out a couple of times that along with their strobe light show was very explosive.

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