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Not Dead Yet @ Elmdale (Ott.) May 31


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On Thursday, May 31, 2012, Not Dead Yet will be playing at The Elmdale House Tavern.

Hey Now ...

Thanks for checking us out. We are a Grateful Dead cover band from Ottawa Canada - trying to keep the spirit and vibe alive.

We love this music and hope to share it with you live ... come on join the party every day !!


The Elmdale's website lists the cover as $5, but in the Facebook event for the show, the band says the show is free; they also say they'll be doing three sets, with some acoustic stuff. I think the doors are at 9:00pm.



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My only complaint about that band was the complete absence of any backing and harmony vocals. That's what the Grateful Dead was all about - 3 strong singers, and how about that Phil Lesh?

But the singer for Not Dead Yet was really good on his own, and the overall musicianship, especially the bass playing, was top notch!

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I am going to be very honest here and say I thought it was terrible. The two people I went with also agreed. It did however provide for much sarcastic fodder the following day so the entertainment value was just deferred.


They missed two verses of Werewolves of London. Even a Top 40 or Kid Rock fan would have gotten that one more right.

The bass player was wearing a Testament tshirt and preferred to play off stage rather than staying up on stage with his band.

Just my .03

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