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Gazette Review

Funny how the Gazette mentions the 'ever awful' sound at the Bell Centre - I was impressed with how good it did sound, compared to Scotiabank Place where I see the majority of my arena shows. Only my second show at Bell Centre (first was Peter Gabriel in 2002(?)) but I thought it sounded fine for an arena.

Set list:

1. Bloom

2. There There

3. Kid A

4. Morning Mr. Magpie

5. The Gloaming

6. Separator

7. I Might Be Wrong

8. Staircase

9. Pyramid Song

10. Climbing Up the Walls

11. Nude

12. Lotus Flower

13. Paranoid Android

14. Feral

15. Little By Little

16. Idioteque

Encore No. 1:

17. How to Disappear Completely

18. The Daily Mail

19. Myxomatosis

20. Reckoner

Encore No. 2:

21. All I Need

22. Street Spirit (Fade Out)

23. True Love Waits (tease)/ Everything In Its Right Place

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That Gazette reviewer (Bernard Perusse) mentions "bad sound" in every single show review he does from the Bell Centre or Metropolis, so think nothing of it.

We were right in front of the soundboard and while I wouldn't say it sounded great, it certainly sounded good for an arena show.

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2 more thoughts

1. Between that touring drummer and Selway holy shit. I am not sure why they need the 2nd drummer as Selway is a robot drum machine, but those guys are super-duper and make it look so easy. He doesn't waste any motion and isn't at all flashy but man can he play.

2. The Bell Centre is such a well-planned arena compared to some I've been to **coughscotiabankplacecough**. Instead of wide open concourses that just encourage people to hang out there are narrow passages that keep people moving. Instead of a bathroom with one small entrance and one small entrance there are huge hallways that turn into bathrooms with no traffic jams etc. I had never paid attention to the arena before and was impressed. Also took a picture next to the creepy bust of Denis Savard, my favourite player growing up.

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