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Nik Wallenda crossing The Falls

mister slippery

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I'm actually in Niagara Falls. We just got back from watching it live.

We got there about fifteen minutes before he started and easily jockeyed through the huge family-oriented crowd to a spot where we could see him cross start-to-finish.

It was slowly exhilerating, like watching Evel Knievel jump the Snake River Canyon. For twenty-five minutes.

It really was exciting, I'm very glad we happened to be in town for it.

Ringo Starr was great.

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I absolutely loved watching him cross. For the feat in and of itself, but honestly i had never seen footage of the falls like that. Seeing him cross, especially at particular angles just gave me a whole new appreciation for the scale and beauty of the falls and its sheer voluminous power. Very cool! The amount of water running over the wire in the "wet zone" was just ridiculous.

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