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New Track By House of David Gang - preview of new album

Jay Funk Dawg

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Please take a moment and check out the new single by House of David Gang. Recorded by Snappy Homefry (Chameleon Project, BOK, Dub Monkey) at Playhouse studios in Toronto, the song captures that vintage reggae sound with a touch of modern production. Fans of Jimmy Cliff, Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh will enjoy! This song was played on CBC Radio in Southern Ontario yesterday at 5pm.

We'd love to hear your comments.

Best I Can Be - House of David Gang by dj?uesquecest

Upcoming Concerts

August 5 Irie Music Festival, Toronto, ON w/ Third World

August 1, Explorer's Cafe, Midland, ON

August 17 Periwinkle Music Fest, Penetanguishene, ON

August 25 Rasta Fest,Toronto, ON w/ Mighty Diamonds,

August 26 Muskoka Reggae Fest, Bracebridge, ON

September 24 Jamaica 50th Nanaimo, BC

September 25 Jamaica 50th Vancouver, BC

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Hi Jay,

Track sounds nice, well recorded, was that done at Snappy's Home studio?

Intro reminds me on Jimmy Cliff's Harder They Come. Nice message of being the best you can be. Is that your guitar solo? if so nice one. Horns are nice addition, some nice builds.

Toronto misses you, coming back anytime soon? Hope to see you at Irie Fest or Rasta Fest or Hippy Fest... :)

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