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Umphrey's McGee in Toronto Oct. 24

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Damn! Good times all over. That was a fun show and I am really impressed with the Danforth Music Hall. What an improvement having the seats removed! Lots of space, great sound, sightlines, more bars, etc. Well done. Good seeing familiar faces in the crowd and everyone having fun. Look forward to many more shows there.

btw - the opener ROCKED (The Bright Light Social Hour)!!!! They were AMAZEBALLS! Go see 'em live if you can. I can't wait to catch another show (and more than just a couple of songs!!!) Bummed i've missed a handful of gigs in the past year alone in the Toronto area :(


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nice pics Kaidy Mae!!! :)



Umphrey’s McGee


Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, ON



Disc I:

Set One…

1) Depth Charge (3:58)

2) Ocean Billy (19:11)

3) Get In The Van (6:32)

4) Made to Measure (6:40)

5) Professor Wormbog (7:58)

6) Cemetery Walk (7:23)

7) The Fussy Dutchman (8:33)

8) Miss Gradenko (2:36)

9) 40’s Theme (9:07)

Disc II:

Set Two…

1) Plunger (4:34)

2) Higgins (21:02)

3) Plunger (3:54)

4) Push The Pig (8:21)

5) 1348 (13:29)

Disc III:

1) Utopian Fir (3:17)

2) Turn & Run (5:54)

3) Utopian Fir (8:00)

4) Live and Let Die (7:21)


5) Pay The Snucka (9:23)


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