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Bob Dylan, Illegitimate Son? 48-Year-Old William DeVogue Claims He Is


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Bob Dylan might have another son, according to one man's story. City Pages reports that 48-year-old Rhode Island resident William DeVogue claims to be the Bard's long lost son, and his story -- not to mention his complexion -- lends a little credence to the theory.

The tale begins in the early 1960s, around the time that Dylan was rising in the New York City folk scene. Anita "Tina" Grace DeVogue was living in Greenwich Village, trying her luck in music when she met Dylan. The couple allegedly were together for a short period of time, which eventually lead to DeVogue's pregnancy in 1963.

After her son was born, DeVogue battled a serious drug addiction and had no money to raise William. She gave her son up for adoption after 10 months, disappearing from his life entirely.

William DeVogue spent years tracking down his mother, who he found in a three-family home in Boston. He asked her for answers, assuming that his biological father was Eugene Michael Procyszyn, a man that initially directed DeVogue to his mother. According to Tina, Procyszyn was not the father, but she was pretty sure that Bob Dylan was.

DeVogue says he reached out to Dylan's manager, Jeff Rosen, in 2010 and spoke with him on the phone. DeVogue asked for a "non-legal" paternity test, but Dylan refused. Now DeVogue says that he is "as sure as I can be without a DNA test" that Dylan is his father.

"I then told Jeff Rosen that I would have to resort to 'plan B,'" DeVogue tells City Pages. "He was very inquisitive to what plan B was, and my answer was that since I didn't have the money to legally seek a paternity test that I would have to bring it out creatively."

The potential-Dylan has gone public with his story, and since doing so, has not heard a peep from Bob's legal team: "To this day I have received no calls from any lawyer or anything telling me to watch my step. Why? It's because he knows something and his counsel knows something and that if this ends up in court everything will come out."

DeVogue is currently working on a book and a short film about his story (find more information here). Despite chasing after a lofty legacy, DeVogue says he doesn't want any monetary compensation from Dylan. "I respect Bob and want no money from him, just the truth. And I will get it!"

See a photo of William DeVogue right here**. Do you think there's a resemblance?

**link to pic >> http://blogs.citypages.com/gimmenoise/William%20DeVogue.JPG

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